Female Hormonal Profile

Have you ever had your hormones checked? The most common answer we get is, “yes I’ve had my hormones checked through a blood draw and my blood was only drawn one time during the course of a 30 day period.”

The female body changes throughout the course of the month, so why would they just check the female hormone levels one time?  When we really need to look at the female hormones here’s who we do it.


How is the test done?

The female hormonal profile is done through saliva in the comfort of your own home. You do a saliva sample every other day for about a 28 day period or from the beginning of one cycle to the beginning of the next cycle. This gives a beautiful picture of what is happening with the female hormones and it helps the doctor to understand what to do naturally to support your body’s natural ability to manufacture and balance the female hormones.


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Because of the accuracy of our unique initial exam procedure most patient only need a handful of labs which significantly reduces the costs for our patients.

Sample Report – Abnormal

Sample Report - Abnormal

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